A family of churches establishing strong foundations, equipping the church and extending the kingdom.

Everything healthy is part of something bigger – to be healthy disciples we need to be part
of a local church. Local churches are healthy when they are strongly related to a wider family.


We are a family of churches from across West Oxfordshire and beyond. God has called us to work together for kingdom purpose. This means that our leaders work together, our church
meet regularly and we develop, release and receive leadership and Ephesians 4 gifts across the churches. Together we offer support, encouragement and equipping to each church through trans-local ministry. A practical expression of this, is our Regional Apostolic Team, who serve our churches in this way.


God has spoken to us prophetically from Genesis 26 about reopening old wells and digging new ones. A well is a source of life to those who draw from it, and when it becomes blocked, it needs to be unblocked.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, our church founders rooted themselves on certain biblical truths which brought great life. We need to recover these truths in the present, in order that we can enter into all that God has for us in the future. God wants to restore to us a richer life in the Spirit. He wants us to give ourselves to more purposeful and dynamic relational life in the body of Christ; and He is calling us to live lives of radical discipleship. God has new biblical truth for us to discover, which will release new life to His church and flow out from us. This includes a clarity about the centrality of mission.

We are to be churches established on the twin foundations of the Word and the Spirit. This means that we are committed to the absolute authority and accuracy of the Bible and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit today. Our family is therefore, robustly evangelical in conviction and charismatic in practice!


  • We are churches rich in Word and Spirit, deeply rooted in biblical truth and marked by the presence and work of the Spirit

  • We are Christ-centred church communities, built on the foundation of the person and work of Christ

  • We are passionate, worshipping and prayerful communities led by the Spirit

  • We are a family where each person is cared for, finds purpose and plays their part

  • We make disciples, growing in Christlikeness through radical obedience

  • We are missional – a missionary people, following a missionary God


God wants to equip his church through all the gifts that he gives to the body, preparing us for mission and service, and to bring the church to full stature and maturity in Christ. We are committed to Ephesians 4 ministries and to helping each member find their purpose and place of service in God.

As a family of churches, we are called to train and raise up leaders for every sphere of life. This means growing kingdom leaders for the workplace, for families, for communities and for
the church. We are called to be an intergenerational family, where there is a place and function for people of all ages.

In particular we have a special call from God to the sphere of Christian Education, influencing children and society. As an apostolic family we have a mandate to be a training base for the church, to teach and equip its members for life and service. Our conviction is the entire church is needed to fulfil our mission to see the knowledge of God cover the whole earth!



  • By releasing Ephesians 4 ministries locally and beyond

  • By impacting the next generation through Christian Education

  • By raising God-confident leaders and disciples in every sphere of life

  • By intentionally releasing the next generation


We are called to be an apostolic family on mission together, who make disciples and transform communities. We want to see lost people saved into the church, and whole families and communities significantly changed by the resurrection power of Christ.

God has spoken to us together about being a mobile and strategic people for the sake of the Kingdom – and that he wants to move people, like chess pieces, for kingdom purpose. Being mobile means that we expect to start new projects, raise up leaders, move between churches, release and receive trans-local apostolic ministry and strengthen and plant churches in order to see the Kingdom extended. Being strategic means that we work with intention, over the long term and are ambitious in reaching lost people, and that we involve the whole church body in the task.

We are called to plant and build churches that are pioneering, missional, biblical and spiritual in character. We believe that we are entrusted with the ever- fruitful gospel, that we belong to the ever-advancing Kingdom and that we serve the ever-present, ever-glorious God!


  • Through proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ

  • Through building dynamic and pioneering churches

  • Through planting churches to reach lost people

  • Through establishing transformative community projects

  • Through serving the poor and marginalised

  • Through reaching the nations, especially the unreached


roots + rivers is part of the Salt & Light Advance sphere of churches

Our churches are members of the Evangelical Alliance  |  Registered charity 1056921